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Live Your Truth -Mentorship

Girls face social pressures and conflicting messages about how they should act and who they should be. Studies show that by adolescence, girls' confidence drops about twice as much as boys'. Stressors related to COVID-19, low self esteem, and mental health issues ,  have undoubtedly affected girls, between social isolation, anxiety and more limited opportunities for physical activity. Unveiled offers 2 types of mentorship programs for the ages 13-18 and 19-25. .

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LYT Ambassadors

This program is designed for girl 13-18 years old. Lessons are designed to build girls' self-worth and help them feel greater confidence in who they are. Activities help girls recognize their personal strengths and teach them how to stand up for themselves and others. By gaining awareness of the power they possess to make intentional decisions, girls learn to choose positive actions which demonstrate respect and responsibility towards themselves and others.

LYT Scholars 

In the Scholars program College Mentors build relationships with professional women mentors, known as Strong Leaders, creating a sustainable future for the next generation of female leaders. This curriculum focuses on cooperative skills and team building through a positive group setting. Girls learn firsthand how to create positive connections with, peers , other leaders and their communities. During these sessions, mentors lead the girls in learning about a strong female role model, practice important skills through hands-on activities, and discuss the challenges and realities girls face every day. Each chapter also hosts a Campus Discovery Tour, a college field trip for girls to explore areas of interest, learn about their options in college  and dream big about their future.

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