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Asante Kenya!

Upon my return I made a statement on Facebook briefly sharing about the Mission, I asked followers to be mindful of the grace and mercy they wake up to every morning . I stated “When you see our post remember to pray for Kenya and other Nations as such . Remember to pray for countries experiencing poverty, female genital mutilation, inequality ,power crisis, unemployment , oppression, and injustice . Imagine living in a Nation as such and take a moment to whisper a prayer of peace and salvation for others. .

Remember Kenya ❤️

I’ve pondered on what I could say about my missions trip to Kenya that’ll capture the entire experience. Truthfully, it would be impossible for me to capture the entire week in words. I saw the heart of the children , loyalty to the culture and the grace of God displayed.

She saves a nation, INC founded by Kanita Benson empowers refugee & marginalized women & girls through education, discipleship, leadership development, health, esteem building & mentorship. My team visited schools where girls may have experienced FGM ( female genital mutilation) , poverty, and trauma. What I choose to share is not to scare or discourage anyone from the missions field but to help others prepare for the assignments and call we answer. My team and I , which by the way I did not know anyone on my team . I knew missions had been laid on my heart for years and I sensed a peace about this opportunity, so I agreed to go; Yes I went with strangers. We posted pictures and videos by the minute sharing the beauty of Kenya. Despite misconceptions, people were proud to show us who they were and what they’d done. Men offering handmade art and jewelry for money, constant dancing as a token of pronouncement, women carrying their children in wrapped cloth, and families herding cows and goats . Beauty is skin deep in Kenya.

The team and I shared our testimonies covering a range of issues such as self identity, leadership, abandonment and rape, bondage, generational curses and fears. As we shared you couldn’t help but to identify the look that shadowed relation and shame. After every session we’d pray and share the goodness of God . Every now and then a young lady would be brave enough to share her deepest secrets as well as hidden insecurities. What changed my life was to see these beautiful young ladies heads shaved, bright smiles, and warm hearts all sharing the same stories we shared at such a young age. There are days they don’t even know if they will receive a hot meal at school or new underclothes or even uniforms for their days work yet, they were so giving and loving .

Tuesday September 24th , before giving away the dream girl boxes filled with necessitates and educational materials, we extended the invitation of discipleship. This prayer wasn’t like any other prayer we, or Pastor Mugo had prayed. Mid prayer , ladies began to scream and weep , they began to fall to the ground hiding their faces, griping their heads. Some with folded hands as a sign of surrendering and others presented the look of confusion. As they began to fall and weep I couldn’t help but to hear the scream of agony and hurt in their voices . It reassembled the sound of torture, these precious girl, were gasping for freedom . I immediately began to weep and cry out on their behalf, on my teams behalf, and the nation. Have you ever been so lost , so desperate, that you didn’t even know what to say , surely I knew how to start a prayer, I mean its basically a conversation, right? . I couldn’t do anything but call the name Jesus. My heart was so heavy , I begun to lay my hands over their hearts and minds praying for peace and redemption. I interceded on their behalf. I did not know nor do I know all of their stories but one thing is for sure they were girls robbed of their childhood memories . Some of my team ambers rocked girls in their arms until she stopped crying. Some of us prayed and sung, others ministered and wiped away tears . They needed to know they were not alone and that there was someone out there that catches every tear, harbors their feelings, changes their hurts into happiness and brings internal JOY. They needed to hear about a man who offers redemption , and turned pain into purpose. At this moment I was just a servant there to love them and guide them to the answer; Jesus.

The hardest part of missions is leaving. How was I supposed to laugh, dance and pray with the children then leave ? How was I going to make sure they were okay, how would I be there for support ? These girls, this experience, and Kenya had a hold on me . They changed my life in a matter of days , we weren’t finished learning or teaching one another . My heart sunk. From that moment forth every place we visited I began to make connections and I’d find myself asking for more time, hoping that the impact they made on my life was reciprocated .

Returning home was even harder. I couldn’t sleep or stop thinking about what I’d seen , heard and shared the last 8 days. Television was to loud and music was irritating. I couldn’t stop randomly crying at times out of gratitude and other times at the need to intercede. Every time someone asked about my experience I couldn’t find the words to say. I was extremely vulnerable and full of emotion . I questioned my church, Western culture, and sought to find a balance between work, home and church . I still wake up praying in the middle of the night and this is the firs time I’ve spoken on my experience. I know through this something greater will be released in my life and others. I believe Faith is what took me to Kenya, brought me home , and will guide me to a greater purpose.

Time and space won’t allow me to share everything but I thank each and every one of you for your prayers , your love , and support. Although we have gone and returned the mission doesn’t stop , the fight has just begun, and prayers cannot cease.

  1. For specific questions or info Email Ciara Deal

  2. If you have considered working in the missions field pray and seek mentorship

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