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Authentic Sisterhood-Donya & Donesha Alston

It's not often friendship and purpose can live in the same space. Originally when I reached out to Domonique to partner with me , essentially the goal was to be a blessing and encourage others. Neither one of us expected so many women to reach out or support the raffle.

While walking alone seems more peaceful, that is an illusion. I’ve learned early in life you will need people. You will need others who experience your experiences to identify and walk in solidarity with you. Who see you, who hears you, who believes in you. Those who have shared life’s pitfalls and survived and can pull you out. Those who have sat on sidelines too and wanted to be in the game. You will need a community .You need a Sisterhood. Sisterhood is defined as the state of being a sister and being involved with a strong community who are bound together by shared experiences or interests. To each person, Sisterhood may mean something different, however, as a whole it encapsulates an unconditional alliance between like-minded individuals who empower and lift one another.

We had the privilege' to work with Donya and Donesha Alston.
Donya has a personality that's contagious, a smile that'll light any room and she is definitely a leader. Donya shared her dreams and aspirations to be a model. However, her fear and the societal definition of beauty were beginning to deter her and cripple her hopes . Donesha is a quiet storm, reserved yet so much to offer and her laugh fills the room. She is a mother , always giving of herself yet she never takes time for self care or appreciation.
Providing a safe safe space and bonding with the Alston sisters was our priority. Donya and Donesha, Two sisters , that reminded me Sisterhood is coming together to share goals, express desires and dream. Epic times away together breeds a togetherness you can only share with YOUR FRIENDS! Being vulnerable is necessary if you want to experience times like these, you have to be a friend to have a friend. This event turned out to be a blessing to us all . Two lessons I took away from this event was 1. Be pro-active about getting in touch with the women in your life. When I decided I wanted new people and sisters in my life, I took matters into my own hands. Instead of waiting for women to walk into my life , I decided I to be pro-active about it, and (re)connect with women myself and from there build up relationships. 2.Don’t be afraid to go deep, and to love. Sisterhood is not superficial, it’s not a gathering of women to gossip, to make each other jealous, to exchange platitudes. We have enough of that in the world already, don’t we? No, stepping into the sister circle means that you’re willing to go deep, and to love fully, with all that you are, visible, vulnerable. It’s a conscious choice that you have to make. Sisterhood is not something that happens to you, it’s something that you willfully create.
I’m often leery of women who say they can’t stand other women. I understand I always had more male friends and thought females kept up to much drama. Usually I’ve found that it is those who judge harshly are the ones who don’t play fairly. They hide their insecurities behind judgement. We truly are living in a time where we will need people and will not always be able to choose those who will be there. As Donya stated in the video our identity and validation isn't determined by materialistic items nor others around us . It was an honor to work with inspiring women. I'm looking forward to seeing Donya on a runway and redefine what true beauty resembles. I hope to witness Donshea sharing her story and spreading the love she has , inspiring and mentoring others. This was more than just a photoshoot and makeover . Our team came together to exemplify sisterhood and illustrate what collaboration looks like .We got to bond , cry and dance a little , talk , capture memories and provide a safe place for the ladies to feel comfortable and vulnerable all while being loved and catered to . It is my hope the love and empowerment shared would be contagious and inspire other women as well. Prayerfully , this collaboration made us all feel connected to something greater than ourselves.

Special Thank you, to Deja Walker, LaBrieha Deme', & Alisia Janelle for your assistance with bringing this to fruition.


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