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Counterfeit vs Authentic

I’ve been intentional with my time, connections and relations lately . In my reflecting  I noted how busy I can be or perceive to be for the wrong reasons.  Based on what we perceive or how we feel we seek to be involved, illustrate success or keep up with the latest trend. Posing to be so  ” busy” as if it resembles being ” blessed ” and in the will of God.

At times we feel like we need a new beginning . Trust me I get it, 2020 has been uncertain and constantly changing for me to say the least. This year started of promising until uncertainty took its course. Feeling tired or frustrated.   Alone or overlooked. A little disoriented spiritually, disgusted with what’s happening in our world or even in ministry distracted and discouraged by so many situations we can’t do anything about.

Relinquishing control 

How much has happened in your life just this season that were affected by your thoughts and actions? How have you controlled the direction of your life, career, or relations this year? After self evaluation I always come tot he conclusion that I can be my own enemy or biggest hinderance. If I had submitted my will what would  have turned out differently?

Thing rarely turn out out precisely the way we hoped.  Whether good or bad embrace where , where you’ve come from and look forward to where you are going. Don’t waste the lesson . If you can share it or learn from it, life is for the living. Seasons change, not God , not his promises, but seasons change.

A morning is coming . HE PUTS YOU IN A POSITION to need a miracle, to be stretched, and molded.  if your resources or money is always enough you’ll never experience the beauty of God’s character as a provider,  sustainer or way maker. He is looking forward to filling that place we see as a void .

He shows up in our emptiness .  know that he is sovereign and he is God. I spoke  at my church recently. The massage was titled ” Revived, Restored, and Released”.  The text came from  Matthew 5. We all know the story about Simon Peter  toiling all night long for fish and the miracle of overflow Jesus performs .

The sermon key points  were:

1. Learning identifying the characteristics of  GOD in all situations good and bad.

2. Don’t give up on what God has given you.  There is still value and where you are now is vital to where you’re going. Look back thanking God but look forward trusting and believing God,

3. Pray and seek God during this time. We often label favor  as opportunity , overcoming or ‘Winning” however, Favor  is also the strength, lesson or breakthrough given during and after a test.

4. Prepare to be released . This is not our permanent destination.  Don’t plan or produce prematurely. Until he releases you reassure your decisions are made from a whole, healed, and healthy place.  Learn discipline,  implement proven and spirit led strategies , as well as adopt a mindset to rest or give back, we don’t always have to be on the receiving end. There’s a blessing in servanthood and humility.

Why am I so busy?

When seeking anything new we tend to forget the motive behind it because we become overwhelmed with planning, marketing,  connecting, etc. Have you ever had to completely take a break  not just from you agenda or the noise around you, but taken a moment to tend to your emotional and spiritual well being.  Are you making decisions based on unhealthy or unheeded distress such as rejection, accepting, societal /peer pressure?  When was the last time you evaluated some of your unhealthy traits and habits intentionally working on changing your toxic traits?   We’ll produce , network, and brand without seeing any fruit because we haven’t taken the same enthusiasm and tenacity to work on ” us ” as we do building and planning our next move.

When mentoring I tend to ask the challenging questions which leads to introspection. Is this where God wants me to be ?  Was this a move of God or did I move based on my desires or projected standards. Does his new beginning or move affirm my toxic traits and imprudent behaviors?  Have I taken on an assignment I wasn’t equipped for? Many of times before we go in the new beginning or season it doesn’t feel good or requires so much of us  Friendships, habits, uncertainty, etc. We’ll gain popularity but lose integrity or respect . We finally make the income we desire but in the long run it cost us more than we bargained for.   Why do we give in to the distractions rather standard firm on the word seeking  to do what God called us to do no matter how easy or difficult it is . Does my brand, life, ministry, relations, portray  righteousness and the life God has for me or does it shine a deceptive light on perceiving to be holy, blessed, successful?  I’m not asking you are you perfect I’m asking are you whole?  After answering these questions would you label yourself as authentic or counterfeit?

Self Reflection Snapshot

This prompt is meant to exclusively focus on areas to reflect on while we while to be released into a new season and work on identifying the counterfeit.  Think about and reflect on one area ( work, ministry, business)  how does it makes you feel, what concerns you about it and what are your goals.  Write positive reminders to yourself to stay encouraged and what  to pray for !

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