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Music & Ministry Interview

We know first hand the affects music has on people. Music is the one constant in  everyday life. The Music and Ministry segment was created to highlight what happens behind the scenes. Ciara Deal shares her  process in recording, overcoming fear , and underlines the practical, physical, and spiritual element that go hand on hand with not only  making music but ministry as a whole.  The segment also provides an platform for   leaders and other artist to connect. Guest , share their wisdom and what they’ve learned throughout their careers. Aspiring artists can benefit because the live shares valuable information and allows them to interact and ask questions. 

Whether you’re a singer, writer, dancer or a teacher , whatever your gift maybe the segment shares insight on the commitment to Godliness , seeking clarity, and defeating fears.   As well as, how to prepare for what God has called you to do in ministry and leadership. 

Corey Barksdale

Entrepreneur, singer and songwriter Corey Barksdale shares his testimony of overcoming personal battles and assessing his devotion to GOD. He speaks on the capacity of God’s grace and mercy , learning to appreciate God’s unconditional love. Corey also shares advice to aspiring creatives expressing his advancement in writing, singing and what to expect from him in the near future , including a sneak peek of one of his new songs.

kanita b

Singer and Global Advocate Kanita Benson speaks about her 20 year journey in the music industry and how God allowed her to be a light in a dark places. She expresses her love for god and her calling which is to ” worship and witness ” to God’s people around the world. What is her key factor to so much success? Obedience to God . Overcoming fears, anxiety attacks, and doubt she helps others find their voice and advocated for Godliness in ministry. Kanita’s voice is heard on diverse platforms across the world. Including Kenya where she founded She Saves a Nation, a non-for profit organization empowering refugee & marginalized women & girls as leaders . Kanita is living a life that is fully committed to spreading the message and love of Christ through artistry, ministry, social entrepreneurship & global advocacy.