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Purposed Pain

The last few months have been a whirlwind of emotions, disappointments, and new beginnings for me. I noted when we go thru trying times we often begin to question our abilities along with our purpose. Whether the incidents were caused by ourselves or someone else , one factor we must keep in mind is we are not the mistakes we make, the rejection we witness, the heartache we face, or the disappointment we experience.

Following on going disappointments and the feeling if inferiority I remember my sister saying to me I don’t have to apologize for the after math of what actually turns out to be a blessing. These emotions I battle in exchange for the liberty rewarded mentally and spirtitally is purposed pain and I will be better because of it. Her words changed my perspective and saved my life.

The struggle of accepting our pain is difficult and burdening. As a result we resent our families, friends, and even aspirations out of shame, pain and guilt. We look for methods to validate our feelings deflecting our emotions, ignoring reality. No matter how many times we seek counsel or a listening ear we have to deal with our reality and overcome the issues on our terms. Society tells us to cope and ignore our emotions . Some churches struggle with assisting with mental and emotional trauma. Everything dealing with emotions today such as what we call them, how we think about them, how we regulate them is a theory . We learn about emotions from observation, but also from how others respond to us when we have certain emotions. At the end of the day, we cannot ignore them and we must deal with it .I’ve seen alot of hurting individuals go through hard times and not know who to speak or how to work through their problems. Do not blame yourself nor be ashamed. There is no time frame to healing, no rules, and no theory to believe . When we accept our truths we begin to access the freedom as well strength to face our ugly truths and begin down the path of healing. Using the pain to guide us to our purpose. It sounds strange but have you ever overcome a situation you questioned if you’d survive yet today you look back and realize it made you better . The same issue we thought would take us o, we defeated, now its a vital apart of our testimony.

You dont have to apologize for the after math of what actually turns out to be blessing. This is purposed pain and you will be better because of it.

Turning pain into purpose is difficult but rewarding. Purposed pain has intentions on producing the necessary tools needed for your future. Its similar to exercise , we train intentionally knowing despite being sore ,the discipline,and the endurance, we know the training will pay off . Some of us started working out with the intentions to lose weight or build our core , maybe our strength but in the end not only did you see the results you wanted but you feel better mentally, and emotionally, you’re habits have changed , you have more energy , you’re taking less medication, etc. It’s the same with purposed pain, it gleams from glory to glory, reward after reward . With purposed pain we have to first accept then realize what did the pain keep you from. What area of your life is this toning up, strengthening, and building? What was blocked and prevented through this pain that would have affected my future, my testimony and my faith ? What have I and will I gain after this? The fear of the unknowing can be daunting . But if you made it out of a situation that stole your peace, joy, your smile and tried to break you YOU are an OVER COMER . You have experienced purposed pain. Life will present countless battles and fights , although it may look like it has the ability , it doesn’t have the permission, to take you out.

Learn from your pain , grow from your pain , then share about your pain. Our lives are testimonies for others who may be experiencing similar issues such as ours. In school they would ask the students to try and help their peer and teach others the area of study in the class . This method of learning was taught to see if the student had really mastered the subject. The same applies with various test in our lives , a sign of freedom is when we are able to look back at a situation we were once burdened and bound by, now willing and able to share with others.

Learn from your pain , grow from your pain , then share about your pain.


  1. Take a moment to reflect on any situation you may be facing , after you reflect ask yourself what have you gained in exchange ? Is it more strength, freedom, etc.

  2. Pray and seek God’s word for strength and guidance. Be honest about your fillings in your prayers and silent time with God.

  3. Take some time to love on yourself. Use practical exercises ( journaling, writing sticky notes, etc.) to remind yourself how valuable you are. YOUR CIRCMUSTANCE DOES NOT DEFINE YOU.

  4. Vow to share your testimony and be a witness to others who face similar circumstances

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