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What’s Next?

Hello my loves ! I personally want to thank each and everyone of you for believing in unveiled and subscribing. I have some exciting news to share soon and I am thankful for every opportunity and places of improvement that has taken place. Unveiled is currently under construction . We’re working hard to improve our content and marketing tools for your satisfaction. A new site, new images, new events, programs (have you noticed the new menu tab), and ways to get involved will all be accessible for you to improve your overall experience and satisfaction with unveiled. It is my hope that construction will be complete by the end of this month and new content will be available beginning April.

As unveiled undergoes changes, this does not mean new post won’t be published or written for your enjoyment however, I wanted to take this moment to keep you up to date. Saturday March 14th we’re vlogging live talking about ministry and missions with special guest Leshandria Brown & Nicholos Edwards. I have a few surprises for my young followers in school and a vlog coming featuring individuals who survived abuse . Tune in !

Quick note : We all have aspirations and goals we committed to at the beginning of this year. With that being said now that we are entering the third month of 2020 how has your progress been? I planed to grow my blog and stretch my limits. I am not where I wanted to be However, I can see the progress and strides towards improvement and growth. At the beginning of the year our priorities and aspirations we set should be used as a compass when directing our lives. When things go as we planned and life is smooth sailing, life is usually good – we’re satisfied and content. However, when our present situation doesn’t align with what we want or where we thought we’d be , that’s when things feel wrong and can be a real source of unhappiness in life. Trust me, if you follow any of my social media pages, you know I can relate. The good news is it’s not to late and we still have time.  

Take some time to reflect and determine areas of improvement. Start by creating an action plan to ensure that you control the direction of your life, rather than do nothing or just go where the wind blows. Keep in mind that taking control of life and living according to your full potential takes your willingness to make an effort. Life is full of distractions and temptations , yet, it should never be an excuse or the reasons for not living an meaningful, challenging and exciting life.

Tips for Re-starting 
  1. Be more intentional ( new blog post coming soon)

  2. Know your worth

  3. Stop limiting yourself

  4. Re-examine your goals and aspirations

  5. Find practical ways to stay motivated and challenged

  6. Practice daily self -affirmation . Do not feel defeated my friends , this is not a race. I want you to live a whole and meaningful life . Every moment whether good or bad matters.

I look forward to what 2020 has in store ; I pray you are too!

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